Temp Studio Artist Residency Lisbon 2018, 13 - 19 May

Cryptocurrencies have recently become very popular. One of the main reasons is the increasing awareness of the powerful capabilities of the technology behind them called Blockchain: decentralized system, anonymity, transparency, security,... Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide that uses this technology. There are not a lot of transactions per second (around 3 tps), but Bitcoin processes more than $2 Billion worth of transactions per day! Most of the crypto-related topics are always something intangible, something you can not see or feel. Thus, it can be very difficult to understand what is happening. The main goal of this installation is to help to understand what is going on with cryptocurrencies, giving a focus on Bitcoin. How many transactions are being done right now? How much money is being transferred? From where? Transaction aims to solve these questions by representing real-time data from Bitcoin transactions in form of an audiovisual installation.

During the one-week residency I developed the installation. Bitcoin real-time data is public, so I created a python script to extract the data and then send it to: Processing for the visuals, Arduino for the LEDs and Ableton (M4L) for the sound. Each line represents a transaction and depends on two parameters:

- X-axis (line position): Bitcoin transaction distance from our current location(top-left)
- Y-axis (line longitude): Transaction amount

#Python #Processing #M4L #Arduino

Original concept, design and software development: Joan Sandoval
Artist residency organizer: Temp studio