Strumming with Stringpots: A Novel Guitar Controller Designed for a Person with Limited Sensorimotor Skills

Bachelor’s Thesis at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), Summer 2015


People with motor disabilities often have difficulties in playing common musical instruments. Strumming with Stringpots (abbr. StrumPot) is a guitar MIDI controller, designed for a person that suffers from tetraparesis with Brown-Sequard syndrome. The controller has been built by modifying the gaming device “Guitar Hero”. An Arduino microcontroller board is used in order to manage all the data from all the sensors and send MIDI messages. Two string potentiometers mounted on the guitar are used for tracking the 2D-position of the right hand of the user in front of the guitar. Six virtual strings are placed on the guitar. When the hand of the user crosses each of them, a midi note-on message is sent with the corresponding note number. On the neck of the guitar the already built in buttons of the Guitar Hero device are used for changing the chords. The device is easy to use, low-weight and easy to transport anywhere.

#Arduino #PureData #LeapMotion

Tutor: Zacharias Vamvakousis