News Feed

Galeria FOCO Lisbon 2019, 15-30 March

"News Feed is a data visualization and sound art installation that reads major worldwide online newspapers, exposing the sentiment of news stories published. As new articles are published from major journals, VADER algorithm analyses and classifies them according to whether they are positive or negative in sentiment. These results are then interpreted and transformed into sound and visual meanings, making the audiovisual installation to perform accordingly with the data.

“NEWS FEED” is a triptych installation, composed by a sound sculpture (third photo above) that sonifies the articles being read, a display screen and projection (second photo above) that displays the current news stories being read and analysed and a visual projection (first photo above) that maps the data into visual meanings."

- Rudolfo Quintas

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Concept, Artistic and Technical Creation: Rudolfo Quintas
Artistic and Technical Creation: Joan Sandoval